Ashitaka Rugby Football Club in Numazu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan
Ashitaka Rugby Football Club
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Ashitaka Green spirits
  • Ashitaka: Mt. Ashitaka, Ashitaka Field
  • Green: Grass (Play Rugby on Grass)
  • Image Character is the Hawk.
    Taka (ashiTAKA) means a Hawk.
    Designed by Shinichi Serizawa
  • Green Spirits: Named by Miki Nakamura

*Join us!*

The home town of Ashitaka Rugby Football Club (Green Spirits) is Numazu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan.
Let's play Rugby Football. All of you are always welcomed.
Our club member have variety of back ground. It does not matter, your back ground of rugby football, years or occupation. They live in Numazu-shi or near Numazu-shi
(Mishima-shi, Susono-shi, Gotenba-shi, Fuji-shi, Atami-shi, Izunokuni-shi etc.).

Numazu Technical High School at 7:30pm on Wednesday
Fujitsu Numazu etc. in the daytime on Saturday

Aprox. twice a mouth, February to December
Most of games are held on Sunday.

Please contact to following address.mail to:


What's new!
New Jersey 2009
New Team Jersey - May. 6, 2009
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