Command list

Open the chat bar with Enter, type the command, and then press Enter again to execute the command.

Help related

Help related commands
/listDisplay a list of commands.
/help commandDisplay the command syntax.

Communicate related

Communicate related commands
/world message
/w message
Send a message to all players on the server.
/tell targetName message
/t targetName message
Send a message to the player with the name specified in the target.
/profile messageSet up a profile.
/diceRoll the 6-sided die.
/dicem maxRoll the max-sided die.
/flySwitch flight status.
* Must be equipped with wings accessories.
/killmyselfCommit suicide.
* Used when you are buried in the terrain and cannot move.
/addfilter name idAdds the specified character to the filter.
* Chat will not be displayed.
/removefilter name idRemoves the specified character from the filter.
/filterlistDisplay a list of characters added to the filter.
/clearmsgClear the message in the chat window.
/teleport targetNameTeleport to the player's location specified by the target.

Server related

Server related commands
/pingDisplay the ping value.
/ban ip reasonBAN the player with the specified IP address from the server.
* Only available on the server.
/pardon ipCancels the BAN of the player with the specified IP address.
* Only available on the server.
/banlistDisplay a list of banned players.
* Only available on the server.


Other commands
/savedataOpen the save data folder.
/manualOpen the instruction manual.
/websiteOpen the official website.
/playerprefsdeleteallInitialize the key config of the Configuration dialog.。
/exporttranslationsExport the translated text to a save data folder.
/checktranslationsCheck the translated text in the save data folder.

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