How to launch a dedicated server

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Host server and dedicated server

There are two ways to launch an FS2 server: using a host server or using a dedicated server. For the host server, use the Windows version (FS2_[version] or FS2_[version] or the Mac version (FS2_[version] or the Linux version (FS2_[version] For the dedicated server, use the Linux version server (FS2_[version]

The host server is both a server and a client. To launch a host server, go to "Advanced Settings", "Launch Server" in the lobby scene, and then specified the item of "Server Name", "Connections", "Port", "Password", "Register to Server List", and press the "Launch" button. Select a character in the character select scene. When you proceed to the game scene, it acts as a host server.

The advantage of the host server is that you do not need to prepare a dedicated server. The disadvantage is that when the host logs out and returns to the character select scene, the server shuts down and the connection with the client is lost.

The dedicated server only functions as a server, not as a client. To launch a dedicated server, you need to open the port, set the lobby data, download the Linux version server (FS2_[version] on Linux, and start it.

The advantage of a dedicated server is that the server keeps running even when there are no players. The disadvantage is that you need to know the Linux OS.

Open port

To connect to the dedicated server from the WAN, you need to open the port. Check the following points.

Lobby data settings

To launch a dedicated server, you need to set up lobby data properly. Lobby data is saved with the file name "LobbyData.json". For lobby data, the file created when the host server was launched can be used. The procedure is as follows.

  1. Launch a host server on Windows version or Linux version and create "LobbyData.json".
  2. Open the folder with "Open savedata folder" in the lobby scene and copy the "LobbyData.json" file.
  3. Launch the Linux version server once and create a save data folder.
  4. Create a folder named "Savedata" in the save data folder and paste "LobbyData.json".

LobbyData.json path

The path to paste "LobbyData.json" on the server is as follows. It may vary depending on the environment.

LobbyData.json path
Linux Mint 19.0/home/[username]/.config/unity3d/DefaultCompany/FantasyStory2/Savedata/LobbyData.json
Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS/home/[username]/.config/unity3d/DefaultCompany/FantasyStory2/Savedata/LobbyData.json
Debian 9.9.0/root/.config/unity3d/DefaultCompany/FantasyStory2/Savedata/LobbyData.json
CentOS 7/home/[username]/.config/unity3d/DefaultCompany/FantasyStory2/Savedata/LobbyData.json

About password

In the "Launch server" window, there is an item called "Password". This is the password that the client needs to connect to the server.

The server administrator will give this password to all members who allow connections. Members enter this password in the "Connect by server list" window or "Connect by IP Addres"s window to connect to the server.

The purpose of this password feature is to limit clients that you do not know from connecting to the server. We do not currently implement the feature to require a separate password for each user.

About filters

The client can use the filter feature to hide the chat message of the specified character. It is used for characters who repeatedly spam or abuse.

To add to a filter, open a player menu in the player window or chat log window and select "Add it to filter". If you select "Add it to filter", the command will be automatically entered in the chat bar, so press the Enter key to execute it.

There is no special notification for the player added to the filter. If you don't get a reply to your chat message, it may just be ignored, but it may have been added to the filter. Please look back on your own words and actions.

About BAN

The administrator of the host server or dedicated server can ban the player with the specified IP address from the server.

On the host server, use the "/ban ip reason" command in the chat bar. You can check the IP address in the player window or in the log file in "System Log" in the save data folder.

On the dedicated server, in the same way as for the lobby data settings, copy and paste the "BanList.json" file that is created when banning on the host server. Note that the ban list is loaded periodically, so it can be updated while the dedicated server is still running.

Keep in mind that the BAN feature is only meant to remind bad users, as the IP address can change just by rebooting the router.

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