Color list

This is a list of default colors that can be selected on the character create scene.

Skin color

Skin color
Very Light 1R:244 G:242 B:245
Very Light 2R:254 G:247 B:229
LightR:255 G:249 B:225
Light IntermediateR:242 G:226 B:151
Dark Intermediate 1R:227 G:196 B:103
Dark Intermediate 2R:156 G:107 B:67
DarkR:96 G:49 B:33
Very DarkR:49 G:37 B:41

Eyes color

Eyes color
BrownR:109 G:76 B:51
HazelR:185 G:126 B:77
UmberR:170 G:122 B:64
GreenR:64 G:128 B:64
GrayR:204 G:204 B:204
BlueR:64 G:64 B:128
VioletR:238 G:130 B:238
RedR:128 G:64 B:64

Hair color

Hair color
BlackR:64 G:64 B:64
BrownR:109 G:76 B:51
BlondR:230 G:180 B:34
AuburnR:165 G:42 B:42
RedR:192 G:64 B:64
GrayR:128 G:128 B:128
Light GrayR:192 G:192 B:192
Light YellowR:255 G:255 B:192

Clothes color

Clothes color
BlackR:80 G:80 B:80
RedR:255 G:112 B:112
GreenR:112 G:255 B:112
BlueR:112 G:112 B:255
YellowR:255 G:255 B:112
Light BlueR:112 G:255 B:255
PinkR:255 G:112 B:255
GrayR:192 G:192 B:192

UI color

UI color
BlackR:0 G:0 B:0
WhiteR:255 G:255 B:255
RedR:255 G:75 B:0
OrangeR:246 G:170 B:0
YellowR:255 G:241 B:0
GreenR:3 G:175 B:122
BlueR:0 G:90 B:255
Sky BlueR:77 G:196 B:255

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