Fantasy Story II
Privacy Policy

  1. App provider to get information: If you select "Connect to official server" in the lobby scene, Toya Shiwasu. If you select "Connect by server list" or "Connect by IP address" from the advanced settings of the lobby scene and access an unofficial server, the administrator of that server.
  2. User information to be acquired and purpose : The user information to be acquired by this application and purpose are as follows.
    App obtains the IP address, character name, and character ID, and save them in the SystemLog folder to ban the cheaters and to statistics number of connections.
    App obtains all chat remarks, including personal chats, and save them in the ChatLog folder to investigate when I receive a report of a violation of the law.
    App obtains battle information and defeat information and save it in the BattleLog folder to ban the cheaters and to sdjust game balance.
    App obtains fishing information and save it in the FishingLog folder to ban the cheaters and to adjust game balance.
    App obtains craft information and save it in the CraftLog folder to ban the cheaters and to adjust game balance.
    It seems that some voices with the speech synthesis feature perform speech synthesis online instead of offline. If you choose such a voice, the text you read, including the chat, may be retrieved by the administrator of the server that provides the voice.
  3. Acquisition method: This application automatically acquires user information by the built-in log function and saves it as a log file.
  4. How to notify / publish or obtain consent / how to involve users:
    Toya Shiwasu will notify / publish this policy by posting it on this application or this website.
    Consent is obtained by the method obtained when this application is started for the first time.
    Acquisition of user information can be stopped by deleting the downloaded and expanded folder (Windows version, Mac version, Linux version) or uninstalling this application (Android version).
  5. External transmission / third party provision / log function:
    The acquired user information is sent to Sakura's VPS server.
    Toya Shiwasu may provide the acquired user information to a third party in the following cases. When providing statistical data in a state where the user cannot be identified. When disclosure / provision is required by law.
    Toya Shiwasu incorporates his own logging function into this application.
  6. Inquiries: Send an email (default email software will start) or Twitter
  7. Amendments: Toya Shiwasu will change this policy at its discretion. However, if there is a change in the acquired user information, purpose of use, or provision to a third party, we will notify you on this application or our homepage, and after changing this policy, we will obtain consent from the user again when this application is started for the first time.
  8. Revision date / enactment date:
    Enactment: March 6, 2022

This privacy policy was created with reference to this site .

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