Have you ever thought of becoming "another" person, or wanted to live a
life of "another" person? I'm sure everyone has had such a desire, more
than once.

Well, drama makes it "possible"!

Taking a role of someone else, saying lines and feeling emotions of other
persons do let you discover a new you that you have not known yourself,
giving you a surprise, and, often, a healing effect ...

Living in a stressful world of modern ages, we are to confront various
social problems such as mental illnesses among overworking business people, serious crimes increasing among young children, and family disintegration... I feel drama therapy should be given more expectation as a means to offer preventive measures to such problems or to help people maintain mental health.

I would like to convey this wonder of drama to as many people as possible,
let you know that the modality of drama can be used to achieve these
purposes, and want you to experience how exciting it is to use, and be
exposed to, drama yourself!

It is too good to keep drama for only actors! (LOL)

Drama therapy is surely helpful and useful for ordinary - non-actor - people
to make their lives better, their hearts lighter and happier.

I will be very happy if I can be of any help, with what little and all of
my ability, to dissolving any issues, or to someone with any problems.

With my deepest gratitude to my mentor, Prof. Sally D. Bailey at Kansas
State University in the US, who is a wonderful drama therapist, all the
teachers and friends who have been supportive and helpful to me, and my
future supporters, drama therapy admirers and all the visitors to this
website of mine,

                                 Fall, 2004

                                      Akeyo Onoe