Vanishing Figure エトリケンジ

The production has been done in the concept that attempts to visualize the moments which pass by.

The artistic production named "Vanishing Figure"

Photo Album of Wire Screen Figures entitled [Vanishing Figure] made in 2003.

Appearance of installation done in Kyoto city in 2003.

They are fragments of an innumerable stories existing on the corner of the city.
Sarfeis forms an inside,outside boundary.

Major Works

Metaphysical Body (wire screen figures) presented in the exhibition held at Voice Gallery in Kyoto from Tue,Nov. 23 to Sun, Dec. 5, 2004,


【企画展】コシノヒロコ展 COLORS−アートとファッションの世界−

観○光ART EXPO2013
大丸京都 6階 アートサロン ESPACE KYOTOにて 10月24日(水)〜30日(火) 10時〜20時(最終日は17時まで)


new! 2011.4.1発売
『 マネキンのすべて-続編 』

・2010.5.8(sat) 発売
OLYMPUS PEN Lite』(世界文化社)

2002 at the KYOTO MUSEUM
Definition of Metaphysical Body

It is an unknown but closest territory to us. It is an empty and porous object but it has smooth density. It is an equivocal and vacant form but it distinguishes an individual from the others. It is a shape which unites “inside and outside” and “surface and back”, defines an individual, and expresses boundary between ego and self-consciousness.
Installation with Wire Screen Figures (10 works)
Photo Album of Wire Screen Figures entitled [Vanishing Figure] made in 2003

Artist's statement about a current series of works

It is a body which is reflecting man’s consciousness and turning into fetish. The human body has changed like the characters of animation. It has been symbolized and stereotyped by the girls, and it has created the new proportion in the sub-cultural age. It might be viewed to be the evolution cloned by the fusion of information and technology.. The body as the whole of one’s desire gives an impression that it is something anonymous and empty like a large number of human extruded one after another, but, on the other hand, its contour expresses the charm that we cannot see in daily routinism.. I have done a current series of works, taking up the form of the body as the motif, which has attracted me.


KanHikari Art EXPO
Metaphysical Body
The Museum of Kyoto
Installation - Kyoto City
YAMATE - Art Project
Office Art in Niigata
Metaphysical Body
Visible Bodies
Hotel T'POINT Project
Office Art in Niigata
Tenmaya in Takamatsu
Visible Bodies
Collaboration in Kyoto
Hotel T'POINT Project
Tenmaya in Takamatsu
Hotel T'POINT Project
the Suits

Profile of Kenji Etori

I, Kenji Etori, am an artist of the contemporary arts.

Since 2000, I have done and exhibited the works of the contemporary arts such as figures and sculptures.
Besides the figures and sculptures, I have done the works of clothing and ornaments with my original designs.
Listed are the exhibitions where my works were exhibited.

Year Jobs

2005 to 2009
Lecturer of Osaka Seikei University, teaching in the Information Design Course of Arts Department