Company Overview

Company name Travel Planning co.,Ltd.
License Travel Agency License  No.2-127
Executive officers President/CEO  Hisao Sato
Director  Moemi Sato
Tokyo Office 1,Nihonbashimuromachi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN
Mail@ Mr.sato


+81-90-6782-6780   Mr.sato

Head Office 5-1-D,Kamikajishicyou,Hachinohe-city,Aomori,JAPAN
Established March,3th,2003
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Description of
Japan tourism business
Visit Japan tour
Employees 5
TEL +81-178-72-3639
FAX +81-178-72-3603

Business description

We handle and provide everything to the travel agencies for the tourists who are coming to Japan.
We are a land operator specialized in inbound travels.
Our strength is that we are flexible and we response rapidly than any other land operators.
We are more than happy to help you with your seemingly impossible and complicated journey.
We can handle from group tours to corporate incentive tours.
We also have released a system where overseas travel agencies can easily book Japanese hotels at inbound rates.
We will do our best to present a gift of lifetime memories to every customers who visit Japan.
 Group tour
We will arrange accommodation, bus and tour guide as a basic package.
We can handle flexibly from a long steady seller the 'Golden Route' to made-to-order.
If you need a quote for your existing plan or need a new suggestion, please contact us.
We can handle from a simple plan with accommodation and transportation, to even a small plan for a family.
If you are wondering if it is possible to visit places where they are seemingly impossible for a group tour,
please contact one of our staff with a wealth of knowledge on the tourism in Japan for help.

Incentive tour
We handle company inspection tours and business trainings.
Not only we have tour guides, we also have business interpreters ready.
If you have any doubts such as "Is this plan possible?", please ask us. Let us answer you.

We will offer many opportunities from the view of a travel agency.