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  Ver 2020/08/17  WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe       
  202008171841_WSJT_Images.zip   If you are installing for the first time here  
   assistant : "ja4mzr"Assist with skype             QSP 複数起動でMode FT4,FT8個々に設定できます。
Since it is personal creation software, "PC was protected by Windows ..." After downloading detailed information, it can be downloaded by running. .

Please be sure to operate with the latest version.
*** Please use this software at your own risk as it is free software. ***
This software has no editing function. Personal opening software It is software which uploads or downloads files etc. to server.
Attach DATA for image transmission to WSJT-X or JTDX Detect DATA determined from WSJT-X or JTDX reception DATA
and download the file uploaded from the address registered in Digi-Sites To do.
Establishing an individual Upload with an incoming report attached to the image received on the server.

[Description of operation] is introduced at
JT65-DX.com & JTDX.tech
WSJT-X manualis also introduced. I recommend you go through the first time.

1, If you are installing for the first time please download the zip and unpack the [WSJT_Images] folder just under the C drive.
    Download the latest version of WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe and overwrite it.
   If you already installed it please download WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe and overwrite it.

2,setting  --> Setup image to suit your own environment.

3,operation ( attention ) Be sure to start WSJT-X and then start WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe.
                For ReceivedStation display, please use Digi-Sites on the same computer.

4, ECA mode extension conversion table

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  You need to registered Digi-Sites users. Subscribe to "rcome@neo.rr.com's"
    (Not necessary when receiving only) Digi-Sites

    You need to register Digi-Sites users. Subscribe to rcome@neo.rr.com
Call: xxxxxx
Url: http://www.qsl.net/xxxxxx/image1
Cam Url: http://www.qsl.net/xxxxxx/cam_1.jpg
Latitude: (latitude)
Longitude: (longitude)

About operationtop

Free homepage?

 If you search on the net you will find lots of hits. !

 [Settin] Please refer to.

 The built-in clock of the computer is matched
 「Internet time supply service」

When launching, such as WSJT-X and EasyPal, simultaneous use can not be performed because the transmission ports conflict.
         Add a com port or use one of them in [Vox].

frequencyMainly 7.110MHz :LSB  Mode is done with FT8,JT9,JT65/JT9,
It does not disturb communication of other stations, narrow occupied bandwidthFT8We recommend you to operate with.
FT8 can be transmitted in a short time. (It is mainstreamed.)
Although I enjoyed exchanging images while using SSB operation, recently the operation method changed and some stations sent in the SSB conversation came out.
(It will arrive in the distance.)

Please refer to the author's page about setting up WSJT-X.
WSJT-X Home Page link  

If you cannot receive image if the user is not official enrollment to the dig suite.

  If the folder for each replacement, config remember keep it in advance [setDataImage.jpg] and [setWSJT.cfg] .

  Once the ECA mode is unchecked, extension files that are commonly used can be sent.(html,pdf,etc...)
  There was an inquiry of ECA mode, and information was provided from Mr. Ishida, JA3BXH.

ECA mode
JPG R+49 MP4 R+38
GIF R+48 MPG R+37
BMP R+47 SWF R+36
PNG R+46 WMV R+35
TIF R+45 TXT R+34
JP2 R+44 DOC R+33
MID R+43 XSL R+32
MP3 R+42 PDF R+31
WAV R+41 MTS R+30
AIV R+40 HTML R+29
FLV R+39

【Update history】top Update history
Date Name Remarks column
2020/08/29 202008171841_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe When the number of receiving stations increases, "WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe" may stop because RxStation report is not created.
2020/06/12 202006121643_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe The decode timing has changed due to the significant change in the decode timing in WSJT-X v2.2.1.
2019/12/29 201912281909_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe The decoding timing of the message received by WSJT-Xv2.1.2 has changed, so the decoding timing has changed.
2019/10/12 201910101212_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe JTDX FT4 Correspondence Message format / JPG => / XIMAGE conversion, / HTML => / XHTML conversion
2019/06/04 201906040300_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe Supports 7.5 seconds interval of FT4 Reception performance is Up
2019/05/29 201905271240_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe There are two points that can receive / XIMGE and / HTML commands and reviewed the timing of receiving image Up.
2019/05/07 201905071756_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe Correspondence new FT4 mode. "Release: WSJT-X 2.1.0-rc1"
2019/04/21 201904150223_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe The contents of the correction correspond to the problem, delete ALL. TXT every time received by Speed ​​Up and JTDX and stop processing
2019/04/03 201903302020_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe New JTDXv2.0.1-rc1xx [JTDX_ALL_TXT」[レ]Check On exchange
2019/01/10 201812222250_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe Evaluation version FT8v2 JTDX v2.0.1-rc122 Correspondence TxOK-->Tx5 manually
2018/11/11 201809230015_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe "RxStation" Improve report acquisition
2018/09/04 201809041645_WSJT_HTML_RXOK.exe R1, R2, R3, R4, Button addition Receive file callable (advantageous when overwritten in case of continuous reception)
2018/02/07 201802071800_WSJT_Images.zip ① Rename, ② Review transmission timing
2017/10/31 201710310202__WSJT_Images.zip ① Added W check function for one transmission of FT 8
2017/10/29 201710300101_WSJT_Images.zip ① correspond to one transmission of FT 8 .. ② SetUP compatible to the official WSJT-X1.8 version .. 3 File extension: .WVX ..
2017/09/13 201709060707_WSJT_Images.zip Digi-Sites 6.25 Released 9-4-17 correspondence
2017/08/16 201708161102_WSJT_Images.zip Add AutoCapture function such as html, (convert html, mp4 to jpg and up to Sites.)
2017/07/25 201707241410_WSJT_Images.zip FT8 compatible
2017/06/10 201706100025_WSJT_Images.zip ① Correspond to JTDX trouble of message pasting method ②
WSJT-X Ver.1.7 SetUP 's WSJT - X Title correspondence to the official version
③ Correspondence to report trouble
2017/05/26 201705260123_WSJT_Images.zip [TxOK] [Halt] Add WSJT-X transmission with timer control
2017/05/12 201704201426_WSJT_Images.zip zip UP
2017/04/19 Ve2017.04.20_WSJT_HTML.exe We added a button to capture the contents of [DX Call] of WSJT - X software.
2017/03/29 Ver2017.03.29WSJT_HTML .exe Change detection start time from 5 seconds per hour to detection time to 10 seconds (Compatible with slow providers)
2017/03/06 Ver2017.03.06 WSJT_HTML .exe Improved detection time of ReceivedStation which does not become an image when it receives + 5 dB or more
2017/01/25 201701250915_WSJT_Images.zip I tried to shorten the detection time of ReceivedStation.
2017/01/02 201701010909_WSJT_Images.zip [Recceviving] Improved processing speed, EP Cam compatible EP Cam compatible, WSJT-X frequency acquisition [F] button
2016/07/24 201607230700_WSJT_Images.zip [Recceviving] Timing change Digi-Sites is enabled with the latest information (It does not work depending on the PC environment)
2015/12/31 201512312359_WSJT_Images.zip Set in WSJT-X Title item [>] WSJT-X v1.6.0 by K1JT Addition: png image display supported
2015/11/19 201511190900_WSJT_Images.zip Bug fixes, images 1 may not be updated in some cases
2015/11/10 201511101500_WSJT_Images.zip Bug fix, change to [C] button name
2015/11/06 201511061800_WSJT_Images.zip Add ListCopy button
2015/11/03 201510311800_WSJT_Images.zip [RecievedStation] display: "SetUP" AutoHaltTX / RecievedStation added
2015/08/25 WSJT_Images_201508211400.zip Correspond to Windows 10 SetUP [ > ] Correct folder reference
2015/08/01 201507300000_WSJT_Images.zip [Initial] → [TxImage] Rename, [DE] [73] add,
2015/07/12 201507120850_WSJT_Images.zip [ECA Mode] [CQ-IMG] [http:] Addition,
2015/06/21 201506202145_WSJT_Images.zip Double activation disabled, Call character restriction, HYBRID mode function deleted, Bug removal, etc.
2015/05/29 201505291200_WSJT_Images.zip Reload defect fix in Digi-Sites
2015/05/28 201505281800_WSJT_Images.zip Add MyServer send file delete function on exit,
2015/05/24 201505221636_WSJT_Images.zip WSJT-X added auto paste function, write program title name
([SetUP] set in WSJT-X Title item [>] WSJT-X v1.5.0 by K1JT)
2015/05/17 201505171515_WSJT_Images.zip Bug fixes, those who have already downloaded will be overwritten with WSJT_HTML.exe after decompression.
2015/05/14 201505141530_WSJT_Images.zip receiving Added (MyServer blinks red when receiving) The button will light up to confirm operation.

[Description of operation]top
 Please try to push the cursor over the image button. Explanation will be displayed.
Title & Ver HTML SetUP FileName Preview Select TxImage SetImsge Paste Copy TxAutoSave RxAutoSave Receiving ECA Mode CQ-IMG DE 73 MyServer UpLoad Digi-Sites UpLoad Clear imageNo CALL dB DateTime UTC MyRS RxMsg RxMsg_min LPast http http_Preview TxMsg TxMsgCopy OnAir ***MHz OnAir ***MHz Paste RxMaessage RecievedStation RecievedStationCopy DigiSite UP SW Rx Save Tx Seve Rx Load Tx Load AutoUp State Stop State Work announcement SetSave ReStart TxOK Halt DX C Capture RxImage Paste TxMsg OnAir Title & Ver HTML SetUP MyCALL WebAddress UserName PassWord WebDier.ForFile WSJT_ImagesDirectory ImagesDirectory ImagesSaveDirectory(Rx) ImagesSaveDirectory(Tx) ImagesAutoSaveDirectory(Tx) Digi-Sites WSJT_X JTDX SaveDirectory JTDX_ALL.TXT WSJT-X Title > > Delete ALL UpLoad Files AutoHaltTX Work announcement SetSave ReStart

/ easy explanation
* 1 Title & Ver Program name and version information
* 2 MainTab Main normal display
* 3 SettingTab Required settings
* 4 File name Sent file name
* 5 Pop-up iDisplay (mp4,wmv,mp3, the others) Pop-up display(Please click here for animation etc.)
* 6 Image selection Image selection
* 7 It returned the image file name. Transmission file restoration (valid when receiving screen is displayed)
* 8 html received image is now configured.
* 9 Paste the image to the clipboard Paste image from clipboard
* 10 The incorporation to the clipboard Capture to clipboard
* 11 Transmission image auto-save Auto save of sent images
* 12 Received image auto-save Auto save of received images
* 13 receiving Reception station list acquisition operation indication
* 14 When putting a dot, ECA Mode
* 15 [ CQ-IMG ] [ DE ] [ 73 ] To CALL will be changed.
15-1 Paste TxMsg Putting it on WSJT-X when putting a check mark(ON/OFF)
* 16 MyServer UpLoad Sending image to your server The image color of the button changes during operation
* 17 Digi-Sites UpLoad The color of the UP operation button changes to the Digi-Site reception display
* 18 Clear (C) Elimination of received information
* 19 Server file selection  File selection of server[∨](Replacement of specified image)
* 20 CALL Receive data Receive data
* 21 Reception strength Reception intensity
* 22 Reception time (UTC) reception hours
* 23 UTC time Get it at UTC current time
* 24 Change the additional report to the local station You can change the report to yourself and use [Digi-Sites UpLoad]
* 25 Received message Received message
* 26 Paste from the clipboard
* 27 [RxMsg http:]Digi-SitesURL: acquisition [RxMsg's http:] interconnect Digi-SitesURL: Acquisition
* 28 http: If you insert a ledger URL: URL will be displayed.
* 29 WSJT-X send command WSJT-X send command
* 30 Message copy Save to clipboard, [Send command]
* 31 OnAir Frequency OnAir frequency
* 32 Frequency acquisition WSJT-X Display Frequency Acquisition [F]
* 33 RxMaessage Search display of received message corresponding to [RxMsg]
* 34 RecievedStation Receiving station report [∨] display (LastRXList.txt)
* 35 RecievedStation Copy Store reception station report in clipboard
* 36 Digi-Sites up state Digi-SitesUP (on, off)
* 37 Reception save Receive Save
* 38 Submit save Transmission save
* 39 Receiving read Receive load
* 40 Submit read Transmission load
* 41 Auto Digi-Sites up Automatic Digi-Sites - Site up (status display)
* 42 Auto Digi-Sites stop Automatic Digi - Sites - site stops (status display)
* 43 Operation message Work messages
* 44 Save Settings When you change the setting save setting please be sure to save
* 45 Setting call Please be sure to read the setting call to reflect the setting
* 46 timer function On 56 seconds WSJT-X [Enable Tx] timer function On 56 seconds
47 Timer function stop WSJT-X [Halt] Timer stop function
48 DX C Get WSJT-X [DX C]top

JH1HJC      JA4MZR      JA4MZR2      JA6BUV      JA3BXH      JH2JYS      JE3RNC      JE4DKN      JA4EWS      order in any order

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