Drama Therapy Education and Research Center in Japan


The purpose of the Drama Therapy Education and Research Center in Japan is to disseminate drama therapy activities in education field , including family education, school education, continued education, workplace trainings, thereby contributing to the public interests.

The Center is composed of supervisors, advisors, and a steering committee members, who understand and agree to apply to education field the activities of drama therapy (including activities that will utilize healing capacities of drama and theater to enhance people's lives and daily behaviors). It offers education, seminars, and trainings to people who desire to learn such activities as stated above.

Initial activities of this organization are to offer seminars and workshops mainly to school teachers, parents, and people in education and various health and mental care programs for children/students so that these people will have new perspectives in their work with children to nurture and keep them healthy in mind and body. Components of our seminars and workshops are not only drama therapy, but the approaches from many other education fields will also be adopted.

Zoom Workshop Announcement!

November 28th, 2021, Sunday, 10 am to 12 pm (JST)
"How the Arts can Help Suicide Survivors Heal"

"The Hidden Face of Suicide" by Yehudit Silverman will be screened first,
Discussion will follow between audience and Yehudit Silverman/Akeyo Onoe.
This event is to introduce the film and its concept to the Japanese audience as the film now comes with the Japanese subtiles.

The event was successfully conducted. A message from the Center:

"There attended many different people; those who lost their loved ones to suicide, who help others in difficulty, who research human sciences and art. Though this was one-time gathering, the commitment and trust to the place and time by the participants ensured care for each one of them, which I appreciate. While words are important, we all felt that art can exceed them. Reaching out to our society to change the situation of suicide is felt to be vital. I hope this event has been one small step forward. Our greatest gratitude to Yehudit Silverman for her movie, guidance and initiative in the event. Thank you." (Akeyo Onoe)

Inquiry, mail to:: dtercen@yahoo.co.jp

Activities of Akeyo Onoe in Japan:

Akeyo Onoe introduced drama therapy to Japan in 1999, and have been teaching and practicing it at the Graduate School of Human Science of Ritsumeikan University and at Drama Therapy Education and Research Center in Japan.

She has provided some core drama therapy classes and training for hundreds of grad students, who seek to be helping professionals in various fields. The ideas and experiences of drama therapy help them become more competent in their own professions.

The themes of the master’s theses of her students include not only drama therapy but also a wide range of social issues, related to human sciences, Almost all students use qualitative research methods such as ethnography and arts-based research. She has also taught classes for better communication skills through drama therapy to thousands of undergrad students.

Despite the small number (currently 4) of RDTs in the whole of Japan, our activities have been quite meaningful and will be preparing for the next phase of drama therapy in Japan.

Contact: Drama Therapy Education & Research Center

:         Information on drama therapy courses by Akeyo Onoe:

             # Graduate School of Human Services of Ritsumeikan Univ.
               (立命館大学大学院 人間科学研究科)

               → http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/gshs/teacher/onoe/
(in Japanese)

 # Drama Therapy Education & Research Center in Japan
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              Drama Therapy Essential Training for Kanto 10th cohort (2020)
                Started on Aug 15 2020

                 → Program Contents: (in Japanese)

 Pictures and Messages from Trainees of Advance and Essential:        
                 →DT Advance Training: Kanto 1st/2nd/3rd cohorts; Kansai 1st cohort

                 →DT Essential Training Kanto 1st cohort (2007)
                 →DT Essential Training Kanto 2nd cohort (2008)
                 →DT Essential Training Kanto 3rd cohort (2009-10)
                 →DT Essential Training Kanto 4th cohort (2010-11)
                 →DT Essential Training Kanto 5th cohort (2012)
                 →DT Essential Training Kanto 6th cohort (2013-14)
                 →DT Essential Training Kansai 1st cohort (2013)
                 →DT Essential Training Kanto 7th cohort (2014-15)
                 →DT Essential Training Kanto 8th cohort (2015-16)

All our efforts to see smiles like these!


* Supervisors

Renee Emunah,

Registered Drama Therapist (RDT)
Board Certified Trainer of Drama Therapists(BCT)
Founder/Director, Drama Therapy (Masters) Program, California Institute of Integral Studies
Past-President, National Association for Drama Therapy
Author, Acting for Real: Drama Therapy Process, Technique, and Performance
     (Translated into Chinese and Japanese; Japanese translation by Akeyo Onoe)

The message from Renee Emunah to this center:

"Akeyo Onoe has been spearheading drama therapy endeavors in Japan, with
professionalism, integrity, and dedication. Now she and others have forged ahead
with the first Drama Therapy Education and Research Center in Japan, which
will be an important contribution to the field of education, and an enrichment to
the lives of children in Japan."

Sally Bailey, MFA, MSW, RDT/BCT

Registered Drama Therapist (RDT)
Board Certified Trainer of Drama Therapists (BCT)
Associate Professor, Director of Drama Therapy at Kansas State University
Past President, National Association for Drama Therapy
Author, "Wings to Fly", "Barrier-Free Drama (will be published in 2006)"
Co-author, "Dreams to Sign"

The message from Sally Bailey to this center:

"Drama Therapy has benefits and applications for education, community-building, personal growth and creativity, and mental health and medical services.  The beauty of Drama Therapy is that it is action-oriented and deals with the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  It allows participants to make their own discoveries and come to their own new understandings of themselves and others.  This is so important in our complex modern world which keeps constantly changing.  We need to be able to examine our roles within our world and our feelings and thoughts about those roles on an ongoing basis.  Drama Therapy allows each of us to do that and also to explore how we can interact more effectively and respectfully with each other based on that self-understanding.

In drama therapy participants can rehearse life strategies and test them out in a safe way.  If ideas or actions don’t work the first time through, they can be revised and tried out again before being put into practice in the “real world.”  This, ultimately, saves time and can avert failure.

I believe that Japan is a place which will welcome and embrace drama therapy methods as a tool for dealing with the complexities of the 21st century."

  * Advisers

Takayuki Aoyama
Representative of Theatre Company DAC, Director, Playwright
Former Chairperson of Education Board of Saitama Prefecture
Past Chairperson of Education Board of Okegawa City
Past President of Education Center of Saitama Prefecture
"At the bottom of healing through drama lie evocation and elicitation of will and motivation. This power lets people come out with all their potentialities."

Yoshie Ogasawara
Representative of Psychology Office TMS
Clinical Psychotherapist
Certified Supervisor of Japan Group Psychotherapy Association
Board Member of Japan Psychodrama Association
"Emotions affect people to change. And, people are moved not by knowledge or theories, but by their own experiences. Fascination of drama is this experience of emotion. I sincerely expect that 'the Drama Therapy Education and Research Center' will offer ground for general public to know better the attraction of drama."

Akihiro Odanaka
Assistant Professor; Special Course on Expressive Culture in Graduate School/Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences/Osaka City University

Kyoko Ono
Representative of Expressive Arts Therapy Institute
Chief Board Member of NPO Art Work Japan
"I truly feel that expressive arts including drama nurture people's (and children's) mind, and facilitate rich interactions. My hope is to see more arts therapies be practiced in educational scenes. I support Ms Onoe to wider activities."

Yasuhiro Kumagai (deceased 2014)
Professor of College of Fine Arts at Nihon University
"May the conscience of drama therapy reach not only pupils and teachers in classrooms but also school managers as well as administration, with its true picture and message. To that end, more studies will be called for."

Kimiko Gunji
Director of Japan House
Associate Professor of Japanese Art and Culture Department of College of Fine Arts at University of Illinois
"Congratulations on the start of the Drama Therapy Education and Research Center. In a time when we are made more machine-like, it is wonderful that we are healed in mind and recover our human nature through drama therapy. As 'a grain' sprouts and gives flowers, I pray, Akeyo's efforts give splendid flowers and fruit well."

Kiyoshi Takara (deceased 2017)
Professor of division of Psychology and Social Studies in Literature Department of Meiji University
"Learning through bodies offers unlimited potentialities, excelling knowledge-based education through mere words. Drama therapy education, as an approach using bodies, affects our mind, and, benefits in forming a well balanced human nature in knowledge, affect and willingness. I have a great hope in the activities of this Center for the new era."

Hiromasa Tanaka
Professor, International Studies Department, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Meisei University
"More people seem to need healing, at school and at workplace, in the midst of big social changes. I expect that the Drama Therapy Education and Research Center will be a place to disseminate and apply the achievements, which I know, and, which Ms Onoe has achieved in college courses, and, in drama therapy sessions for the disabled and their families in Kunitachi city."

 * Steering committee members

Takeo Miyakawa
Professor of Department of Humanities at Meisei University
Councilor of Japan Juvenile Literature Society

Fumihiro Hoashi
Past principal of an elementary school in Tokyo
Instructor for National Elementary Japanese Education Association, and its Tokyo district

Akeyo Onoe
M. Ed, Registered Drama Therapist, BCT
Professor at Graduate School of Human Services of Ritsumeikan Univ.
Lecturer at Tokyo University Education Dpt.

  * Representative for DTERCenter

Akeyo Onoe
                          Contact: dtercen@yahoo.co.jp 

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